Insufficient Virtual Memory is an error that occurs when the amount of virtual memory set on a PC is unable to handle all the data from running processes and applications at a given moment. The error that is displayed on screen says “Insufficient Virtual Memory” and may give a brief description of what task exceeded the memory limit.

The article provides details on the meaning, causes and ways to repair Insufficient Virtual Memory.

Meaning of Insufficient Virtual Memory

Insufficient Virtual Memory error means that the Windows operating system has calculated that the available virtual memory is insufficient for running the task that is being launched or is already running.

Causes of Insufficient Virtual Memory

The most common causes of the Insufficient Virtual Memory error are file corruption, application or system configuration problems, or irregularities in the Windows registry.

Ways to repair Insufficient Virtual Memory

Advanced PC users may be able to repair the Insufficient Virtual Memory error by increasing the page file size in the Performance section of Advanced System Settings. However, increasing the page file does not always resolve the issue, and in that case some more advanced system tweaking may be necessary.